Mumbai MS in MIS Meet – Fall 2012

1st April, 2012 – In-person meetups for MS aspirants are in my perspective quite an interesting affair. The case this time was pretty similar when some members over MS in MIS Fall 2012 group on Facebook organized a meet at Candies, Bandra and around 25 people turned up. The intended audience – obviously MIS (Management Information Systems) aspirants. And for our readers and future aspirants, who are still not sure about making MIS as their career option, check this study here.


Having been three times at Candies, located at Pali Naka, Bandra West over a period of 2 years for casual and business meets, I can surely say one thing – amongst the various places I have been for a meet, Candies is the best. The meet had a rough start owing to the fact that the restaurant staff intervened and insisted that all the people may not just occupy their logistics but consume some of the sandwiches, pastries and ice creams they offer. And their orders were promptly followed by the group. :)


Coming back, let me roll out the minutes of the meetup as I remember. We had an initial round of introduction followed by the most important topic – who has what all ADMITS from universities and what they intend to make their destination. We later split up the members into smaller groups based on their destination university for discussion. Soon the real important discussions began in 5 groups formed – CMU, UTD, Eller, UB, TAMU and Washington University.


As it turned out, the conversation now became quite interesting as it became university-specific suiting every member’s interest. Topics discussed were future prospects, per credit/quarter fees, pros & cons of education loans, possible accommodation options with monthly rent, research work undergoing in university, GA/TA/RA if available and the most important – average salary package of students passing out from the university. Another important topic I remember was the right time to resign in our respective companies. My group survey found that only 2-3 people had already resigned amongst the 15-20 people who were working with a company in the group. So that was a relief for me to know that that a majority of them haven’t resigned yet! I just thought I am too late for doing that and might land in trouble.


Unfortunately for me, the groups at the meetup were not of universities to which I had applied or had received an ADMIT. I had applied to mix breed of universities for CS (SJSU, RIT, GWU) and MIS (NEU, UB, NYU Poly). So I was more of a listener hanging my ears in every group and I guess listening indeed helped as I had to cover the event eventually on a blog. :)


The meet was not only a good source of networking but seriously cleared a lot of doubts and concerns the members had. It also brought all members at the same level by clearing all fallacies which people had initially, particularly the VISA affair. Well if not completely, definitely to an extent. :) Finally we had a group photograph which definitely looks picture-perfect!


Check the pics below …. Comments welcome.


Author: Hardik Shah [Guru]

Edulix username: hardikguru


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GSU- Job adventures

Posted on behalf of Dhanesh_Gooner by Sherlock Holmes:

GSU- Job adventures

On the onset this is a long overdue blog post. In my defense, I don’t have any defense not to write for Edulix.

Guilty as charged.

Apart from the location, weather and life in general, Most of the new bees want to know what kind of job opportunities are available for them post their masters. The typical question from a profile evaluation contains the following sentences

“I have x experience in IT. What are my job prospects?” Though this is a question often we seniors frown at, it is a legitimate question. I have attended a couple of job fairs so I think I should provide you an insight to how to go about jobs here at GSU.

  1. Network: That’s the mantra, no matter how much you hate it. IT is the single reason how you procure a job. The university presents a wide range of events. From tailgate (Football matches) to casino nights to speakers conference. Attend as many as possible. Speak to many people and secure a professional relationship with them.
  2. Robinson Career Center: Most firms at the job fair, fish for the resumes from the resume bank aka Robinson Career center (For business students). Another one called Simplicity exists for non-business students.

But one has to go through them as they are the official window through which your resume will be reviewed.

  1. Grades: Good grades are a given and from what it looks any grade over 3.5 is a solid one. So the recruiters won’t bother much into your grades unless they are really good like 4.0. Unlike india where all you need to get a job is mug RS aggarwal formula book and maintain a virgin merit record (60% and above without defaults).
  2. Job experience: Well unless you have a job experience of 4 years or more, it isn’t really a big factor. Going by the resume book, it classifies profiles as 1-3, 4-7, 10+. And very few companies sponsor the H1 visa. Yes, the current market scenario is that bad.
  3. Internship: Getting an internship is half battle won in many cases. Most of the financial firms seem to be generous with internships. And many of the students I know have got a full time offer from the firms where they completed their internship.  Start working from day 1 to search an internship. It’s been more than 2 months and I haven’t started yet. By Rajnikanth’s grace I hope I land one next year.

Well I have 2 presentations one quiz and a truck load of assignments to complete. I promise I will be more frequent with my posts about life at GSU in general.

A couple of quick tips regarding networking

  1. Speak to the specific hiring people first, that is if you have an IT background talk to the Computer folks representing the company. And also try to communicate to Company professionals from other background such as HR, Audit, Taxes etc… The funny thing is hiring here is based on cumulative good will. That is having a good repertoire with many eases your chances of recognition
  2. Be active on linkledn and remember to collect the v cards of the business professionals you meet during the career fair. Drop them a mail and stay in touch with them.

Carpe Diem

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My Travels and Travails Around The United States.

I am going to try and pen down stuff about places that I have visited till now in the US and talk about the ones that  you should try and see.

Traveling has been in me for quite sometime now. I did not even know it existed till my uncle brought it out in me. When I was a kid, we used to go on these 5 day trips. Probably book a Toyota Qualis or a couple of Ambassadors and go for a long holiday in the Western Ghats. I just loved the trips. Horanadu, Sringeri, Udupi, Dharmasthala, Idgunji, Murudeshwara, Mangalore and the list goes on.

It is no wonder that the traveling habit has carried on here. I don’t lay claim to any sort of fame since there are a lot of others, my roommates included, who have traveled more than me.

I am going to go post by post, probably visit one place in a post, other than a big one that I am going to write about the road trip that me and 5 of my friends took last November. Cross Country. West Coast to East Coast. 9 days. 14 states. 3000 miles. That should say it all.

For now, let me begin with my very own state (at least one that I can call my own for now), Massachusetts. For people who are into nature and beauty, Massachusetts is a small, but extremely picturesque state on the eastern coast of the United States. It is one of the states that makes up the region called New England. Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire being the others.  When I say picturesque, probably not as much as Vermont or Maine, but some parts of Mass. definitely can hold up a light to those other places.

If are ever on the eastern seaboard, don’t forget to pay Boston a visit. Of all the metropoli that I have been to in the United States, Boston is by far the smallest, but culturally very rich in heritage, in history and not to mention sport. When you get to Boston, don’t forget to take a Duck Tour. It is worth the money and the time you spend. Historically, DUCKs or DUKWs were vehicles that could travel on both land and water and were used in the Second World War. To commemorate and uphold their historical value, the Duck Tour (it originated in Boston, trust me) takes you in and around Boston and also takes you for a spin on the Charles River. And the Con-Duck-Tors, that is what they call the guides, give you a lot of information that you never knew. Like for example, all of 3 people were killed in what is called the Boston Massacre. Really?? Who knew that?

Coming to the nature part, you should really see Massachusetts  in fall. Oh My God!! You will fall in love with this place.. I will definitely upload some pictures soon. Mass. is supposed to have some of the best fall drive routes in the east coast. Mountains, sloping valleys, brooks and streams, all bounded by a riot of colors. Yellow, orange, red and what not. It is quite a sight for the nature lover. And not to mention the peace and quiet.

And for me, a nature lover myself, the town of Amherst, home to the University of Massachusetts, is a dream to live and study in. You could not ask for a better place to be. Some people prioritize differently (considering that Amherst is a big time party place and hard core revellers find it hard to handle Amherst parties :) ), but well, as long as you have a mix of both, who cares.

In the fall, the Berkshires in Massachusetts is a wonderful place to be. Camping, barbequeing and what not in the midst of lovely woods makes for an amazing holiday. Come winter, the same place turns into a host of mind blowing and challenging set of ski trails. If you are one for skiing, don’t miss this. You will have fun being a beginner too.

While you are in and around Boston, you might want to check out the Freedom Trail, the Boston Commons which is the oldest park in the country, take a walk down Boylston Street and do some shopping or just go visit the hallowed halls of MIT and Harvard.

That’s it for now. I have not run out of places in Mass. to write about. I just ran out of time and steam. I will put up some more on my next post. Stay tuned.

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Hello from the Pacific Northwest

Hello and welcome to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). This is my attempt at being the resident Pacific Northwest blogger writing about all things Seattle. The purpose of this blog is to explain the benefits of studying, living and working in this region of the United States. First up, some general knowledge. The Pacific Northwest does not seem to have a definite geographical boundary. It is more of a belonging. A culture. If you are from the PNW, we just know. The most commonly acknowledged states of the PNW are Washington, Oregon and British Columbia with Seattle being the largest city (where I am from).

I earlier mentioned that if you are from the PNW, we just know. How so? You may ask. Well, that is what this blog is all about. Today, let’s make sense of the much criticized Seattle weather. A quick look at a comparison in Wikipedia on the climate data of Seattle, New York City and San Francisco reveals a lot. I pulled the following graphs from

Does anything surprize you? Did the experts and travelers mislead you here about Seattle? Yes they did. Contrary to what many believe, it does not rain much in Seattle. Sure, we are under cloud cover for most time of the year, but it does not rain much at all. In fact, it rains more in most other big cities in the country like NYC. The nature of precipitation in Seattle is light, spray-ey drizzle. Barely there. In fact, many might consider it romantic. For someone who has lived under torrential rains and humid muggy summers, this is a welcome break.

Another misconception about Seattle – Seattle is cold. But guess what? Seattle has the best winters and summers in the country. Summers average late 70s and early 80s (It is 10.30am now and 60F). Winters hover around 35F to 45F and an occasional snow shower. Can you ask for anything more? Contrast this with places like NYC or Chicago. There are very few cities that offer such mild climate through the year. If you are from the Pacific Northwest, we just know. You would always say “It is a beautiful sunny day” and not “Oh, it is raining outside”.

Talk about Spring and Fall and the Evergreen State (as we would like to call the State of Washington) turns beautiful with cherry blossoms and apples blooming all over the state. More on the beauty and nature of the city in another post.



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Welcome to Edulix Blogs!

That’s right! We have a whole brand-new section here, on our own blog site. We have a lots of stuff in store for you all here, with an amazing roster of contributors to the blog. This site has been planned out as not only an extension to Edulix, but also as an infosite in its own right, with varied topics of coverage.

Before we start out with the posts on this blog site, some basic guidelines for the posts:

1) To start off with the blogs, we shall have a team of bloggers, selected from among the active posters in the Edulix community. We will choose from among seniors (those who have started their studies prior to Fall 2011), juniors (those who’ve started their studies in Fall 2011) and applicants (those who will be applying to start studying in Spring 2012 or later). As of now, we have kept the posting access restricted to the people nominated by the moderating team, but if any of you is interested to contribute towards this venture, please let us know.

2) All posting guidelines, rules, regulations and disclaimers that apply to, are also applicable here on the blog. In addition, all rules, regulations, guidelines and disclaimers that apply to a WordPress blog and are imposed by the blog hosting provider, WordPress, also apply in entirely.

3) All posts or comments made on this blog site are subject to review and/or modification and/or approval from the moderating team of and Edulix Blogs.

4) Please do not post requests to get your profile evaluated, your SOP reviewed or any such thing here on the blogs. The blog site is not there for those reasons. Any such posts or comments are liable to be deleted without prior notice.

5) The moderating team of or the Edulix Blog administration/management/editorial team has the right to change any of the aforementioned policies without prior notice.

Now that’s taken care of, good luck to you all and Happy Edulixing! :)

- TO


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Hello world!

Welcome to the newest addition to Edulix, Edulix Blogs! :)

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