Welcome to Edulix Blogs!

That’s right! We have a whole brand-new section here, on our own blog site. We have a lots of stuff in store for you all here, with an amazing roster of contributors to the blog. This site has been planned out as not only an extension to Edulix, but also as an infosite in its own right, with varied topics of coverage.

Before we start out with the posts on this blog site, some basic guidelines for the posts:

1) To start off with the blogs, we shall have a team of bloggers, selected from among the active posters in the Edulix community. We will choose from among seniors (those who have started their studies prior to Fall 2011), juniors (those who’ve started their studies in Fall 2011) and applicants (those who will be applying to start studying in Spring 2012 or later). As of now, we have kept the posting access restricted to the people nominated by the moderating team, but if any of you is interested to contribute towards this venture, please let us know.

2) All posting guidelines, rules, regulations and disclaimers that apply to Edulix.com, are also applicable here on the blog. In addition, all rules, regulations, guidelines and disclaimers that apply to a WordPress blog and are imposed by the blog hosting provider, WordPress, also apply in entirely.

3) All posts or comments made on this blog site are subject to review and/or modification and/or approval from the moderating team of Edulix.com and Edulix Blogs.

4) Please do not post requests to get your profile evaluated, your SOP reviewed or any such thing here on the blogs. The blog site is not there for those reasons. Any such posts or comments are liable to be deleted without prior notice.

5) The moderating team of Edulix.com or the Edulix Blog administration/management/editorial team has the right to change any of the aforementioned policies without prior notice.

Now that’s taken care of, good luck to you all and Happy Edulixing! :)

- TO


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18 Responses to Welcome to Edulix Blogs!

  1. Sherlock Holmes

    We have a head start now! Awesome. :)

  2. Echoplex

    Let’s get crackalackin!

  3. Smaran

    Hey can i be considered for the,

    “applicant” category. i have been admitted for spring 2012, Univ of Arizona

    • Sure thing! Thanks for showing initiative and enthusiasm. This is all subject to approval, and I cannot accept or decline or make any decision by myself, but if we do take you on, what would you like to contribute on?

      • Smaran

        Well at present i received admit and have gone through all the process. So for all applicants i can share my personal views,

        1. Shortlisting (Adv of selecting with edulix and Cons of using Counsellors)
        2. Preparation of SOP and getting good LOR
        3. Education Loans, Indian Banks and also other Loan providers from US Banks without collateral
        4. Visa Interview stress and finally getting Visa (Still in the process at this stage)

        5. And eventually feelings while leaving and reching POE (Future)

  4. AWESOMEEE….TO, GE :v: :v:
    lets get ready to ruuummmmble :)
    Always wanted to say it :p

  5. Pavan Undinti

    Heyy it says that I don’t have permission to access this page im a new user.. So can anyone of you plz tell me how to access the blogs

    • You might have to create a new WordPress account by registering your email address on it. Preferably, please use your Edulix username or something as close to it as possible, as the username.

  6. Gee Buttersnaps

    Hey! I’d like to contribute as well!

  7. shruthi

    Hello any 1 4 ASU spring 4m bangalore?


    hey please help me out new to this edulix feel bit tough to find out who can help me out for the guidelines and suggestions for applying to US universities

  9. Chinmay Shenoy

    I want to post something over here . It’s about my 3 years till now in Engineering . I already run a blog on blogspot.com. Would like to make my contribution over here too !

    The link to my blog

    The link to my FaceBook page.


    Add me if you liked it ! :D

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