Hello from the Pacific Northwest

Hello and welcome to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). This is my attempt at being the resident Pacific Northwest blogger writing about all things Seattle. The purpose of this blog is to explain the benefits of studying, living and working in this region of the United States. First up, some general knowledge. The Pacific Northwest does not seem to have a definite geographical boundary. It is more of a belonging. A culture. If you are from the PNW, we just know. The most commonly acknowledged states of the PNW are Washington, Oregon and British Columbia with Seattle being the largest city (where I am from).

I earlier mentioned that if you are from the PNW, we just know. How so? You may ask. Well, that is what this blog is all about. Today, let’s make sense of the much criticized Seattle weather. A quick look at a comparison in Wikipedia on the climate data of Seattle, New York City and San Francisco reveals a lot. I pulled the following graphs from outflux.net.

Does anything surprize you? Did the experts and travelers mislead you here about Seattle? Yes they did. Contrary to what many believe, it does not rain much in Seattle. Sure, we are under cloud cover for most time of the year, but it does not rain much at all. In fact, it rains more in most other big cities in the country like NYC. The nature of precipitation in Seattle is light, spray-ey drizzle. Barely there. In fact, many might consider it romantic. For someone who has lived under torrential rains and humid muggy summers, this is a welcome break.

Another misconception about Seattle – Seattle is cold. But guess what? Seattle has the best winters and summers in the country. Summers average late 70s and early 80s (It is 10.30am now and 60F). Winters hover around 35F to 45F and an occasional snow shower. Can you ask for anything more? Contrast this with places like NYC or Chicago. There are very few cities that offer such mild climate through the year. If you are from the Pacific Northwest, we just know. You would always say “It is a beautiful sunny day” and not “Oh, it is raining outside”.

Talk about Spring and Fall and the Evergreen State (as we would like to call the State of Washington) turns beautiful with cherry blossoms and apples blooming all over the state. More on the beauty and nature of the city in another post.



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5 Responses to Hello from the Pacific Northwest

  1. Editor

    Nice write up. Will be in Seattle in early November for joint work I have with faculty at CS and ECE. Maybe, we should have an Edulix evening. Expenses on me.



  2. Guest

    Hello there!
    I am from the PNW as well :) At WSU, Pullman.
    Totally agree with you on the weather.

  3. akshaypb16

    Agree on each and every point on seattle. Washington and Oregon are probably the most beautiful states in the US – atleast from the ones that I have seen

  4. Abhishek

    @Akshay : Have you seen the East Coast in Fall?? Not to start a regionalistic debate or anything. If you love nature, nothing like Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts from September to November.

  5. Atlantis

    Good post. I loved every bit of my time at Seattle. Apart from the mild climate, the international population and long list of events almost throughout the year make it an amazing place to live and work. PNW!