My Travels and Travails Around The United States.

I am going to try and pen down stuff about places that I have visited till now in the US and talk about the ones that  you should try and see.

Traveling has been in me for quite sometime now. I did not even know it existed till my uncle brought it out in me. When I was a kid, we used to go on these 5 day trips. Probably book a Toyota Qualis or a couple of Ambassadors and go for a long holiday in the Western Ghats. I just loved the trips. Horanadu, Sringeri, Udupi, Dharmasthala, Idgunji, Murudeshwara, Mangalore and the list goes on.

It is no wonder that the traveling habit has carried on here. I don’t lay claim to any sort of fame since there are a lot of others, my roommates included, who have traveled more than me.

I am going to go post by post, probably visit one place in a post, other than a big one that I am going to write about the road trip that me and 5 of my friends took last November. Cross Country. West Coast to East Coast. 9 days. 14 states. 3000 miles. That should say it all.

For now, let me begin with my very own state (at least one that I can call my own for now), Massachusetts. For people who are into nature and beauty, Massachusetts is a small, but extremely picturesque state on the eastern coast of the United States. It is one of the states that makes up the region called New England. Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire being the others.  When I say picturesque, probably not as much as Vermont or Maine, but some parts of Mass. definitely can hold up a light to those other places.

If are ever on the eastern seaboard, don’t forget to pay Boston a visit. Of all the metropoli that I have been to in the United States, Boston is by far the smallest, but culturally very rich in heritage, in history and not to mention sport. When you get to Boston, don’t forget to take a Duck Tour. It is worth the money and the time you spend. Historically, DUCKs or DUKWs were vehicles that could travel on both land and water and were used in the Second World War. To commemorate and uphold their historical value, the Duck Tour (it originated in Boston, trust me) takes you in and around Boston and also takes you for a spin on the Charles River. And the Con-Duck-Tors, that is what they call the guides, give you a lot of information that you never knew. Like for example, all of 3 people were killed in what is called the Boston Massacre. Really?? Who knew that?

Coming to the nature part, you should really see Massachusetts  in fall. Oh My God!! You will fall in love with this place.. I will definitely upload some pictures soon. Mass. is supposed to have some of the best fall drive routes in the east coast. Mountains, sloping valleys, brooks and streams, all bounded by a riot of colors. Yellow, orange, red and what not. It is quite a sight for the nature lover. And not to mention the peace and quiet.

And for me, a nature lover myself, the town of Amherst, home to the University of Massachusetts, is a dream to live and study in. You could not ask for a better place to be. Some people prioritize differently (considering that Amherst is a big time party place and hard core revellers find it hard to handle Amherst parties :) ), but well, as long as you have a mix of both, who cares.

In the fall, the Berkshires in Massachusetts is a wonderful place to be. Camping, barbequeing and what not in the midst of lovely woods makes for an amazing holiday. Come winter, the same place turns into a host of mind blowing and challenging set of ski trails. If you are one for skiing, don’t miss this. You will have fun being a beginner too.

While you are in and around Boston, you might want to check out the Freedom Trail, the Boston Commons which is the oldest park in the country, take a walk down Boylston Street and do some shopping or just go visit the hallowed halls of MIT and Harvard.

That’s it for now. I have not run out of places in Mass. to write about. I just ran out of time and steam. I will put up some more on my next post. Stay tuned.

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