GSU- Job adventures

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GSU- Job adventures

On the onset this is a long overdue blog post. In my defense, I don’t have any defense not to write for Edulix.

Guilty as charged.

Apart from the location, weather and life in general, Most of the new bees want to know what kind of job opportunities are available for them post their masters. The typical question from a profile evaluation contains the following sentences

“I have x experience in IT. What are my job prospects?” Though this is a question often we seniors frown at, it is a legitimate question. I have attended a couple of job fairs so I think I should provide you an insight to how to go about jobs here at GSU.

  1. Network: That’s the mantra, no matter how much you hate it. IT is the single reason how you procure a job. The university presents a wide range of events. From tailgate (Football matches) to casino nights to speakers conference. Attend as many as possible. Speak to many people and secure a professional relationship with them.
  2. Robinson Career Center: Most firms at the job fair, fish for the resumes from the resume bank aka Robinson Career center (For business students). Another one called Simplicity exists for non-business students.

But one has to go through them as they are the official window through which your resume will be reviewed.

  1. Grades: Good grades are a given and from what it looks any grade over 3.5 is a solid one. So the recruiters won’t bother much into your grades unless they are really good like 4.0. Unlike india where all you need to get a job is mug RS aggarwal formula book and maintain a virgin merit record (60% and above without defaults).
  2. Job experience: Well unless you have a job experience of 4 years or more, it isn’t really a big factor. Going by the resume book, it classifies profiles as 1-3, 4-7, 10+. And very few companies sponsor the H1 visa. Yes, the current market scenario is that bad.
  3. Internship: Getting an internship is half battle won in many cases. Most of the financial firms seem to be generous with internships. And many of the students I know have got a full time offer from the firms where they completed their internship.  Start working from day 1 to search an internship. It’s been more than 2 months and I haven’t started yet. By Rajnikanth’s grace I hope I land one next year.

Well I have 2 presentations one quiz and a truck load of assignments to complete. I promise I will be more frequent with my posts about life at GSU in general.

A couple of quick tips regarding networking

  1. Speak to the specific hiring people first, that is if you have an IT background talk to the Computer folks representing the company. And also try to communicate to Company professionals from other background such as HR, Audit, Taxes etc… The funny thing is hiring here is based on cumulative good will. That is having a good repertoire with many eases your chances of recognition
  2. Be active on linkledn and remember to collect the v cards of the business professionals you meet during the career fair. Drop them a mail and stay in touch with them.

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