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Edulix Scholarship Alert - May 30, 2001
Telecommunications Research Center
Department of Electrical Enginering
Arizona State University

The Edulix management team is pleased to announce that the Telecommunications Research Center in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University is seeking full-time graduate research assistants working towards their graduate degree (PhD applicants highly encouraged to apply) starting Fall 2001. This is a great chance for late applicants and for the ones who got acceptance from ASU EE with no financial aid.

The requirements are:

  1. BS and/or MS degrees in EE or a related field. Background in telecommunications/signal processing is necessary.
  2. A good GPA; high GRE and TOEFL scores.
  3. Interest in coding for wireless communications and/or coding for recording channels.
  4. Dedication to the field; willingness to work long hours, perseverance.
Currently two positions are open. If you are interested and qualify or know someone who might satisfy these conditions please e-mail the following to Dr. Tolga M. Duman at duman@asu.edu:

  1. Transcript and resume with qualifications including degrees (electronic transmission preferred),
  2. GRE and TOEFL scores (minimum TOEFL score of 550 is required, no exceptions - ASU rule for international students),
  3. A one-page personal statement describing your interests and why you qualify for the position. Please be specific about your experience, telecommunications/signal processing.
Check the links below for more information on:

Edulix aims to provide institutes of higher learning; with world-class, hard working, dedicated and positively minded students while we also provide services and opportunities for the same students. Since world-class education is competitive, such opportunities require that applicants have good academic and overall qualifications. Therefore, we encourage Edulix community members to position themselves for such opportunities from a strong background point of view. The success of such programs depends on how the community members present and conduct themselves to our partners in colleges and universities.

We wish potential applicants success.

The Edulix Management Team


Edulix Editorial team is committed to bringing timely and accurate information to its members. However, since most of the information was submitted to Edulix or compiled from publicly available sources, the editorial team cannot assume full responsibility for its use, accuracy and interpretation.

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