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Edulix Scholarship Alert - December 25, 2000

The Edulix management team is pleased to announce 7 new exclusive assistantship positions for 2001:

1. The Ohio State University, Mechanical Engineering Department
Contact: Prof. Somnath Ghosh, 206 W. 18th Ave, Columbus 43210
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Research Group: Computational Mechanics in Materials
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: The Computational Mechanics Research Group at The Ohio State University has Graduate Research Associate positions open for potential Ph.D. students. Areas of Research include Composite Materials, Design and Manufacturing processes, Materials fatigue and failure, etc. 

Candidates with a strong background in Mechanics, Mathematics and Computing will be considered. Candidates are expected to have B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical, Civil, Materials or any related Engineering discipline or in Mathematics or Physics from reputed U.S. or international Universities.  In special cases, outstanding M.S. students will also be considered. Please send resumes to Dr. Somnath Ghosh. Details are available at: http://ghomech2.eng.ohio-state.edu

Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: B.S. or B.S./M.S.
Citizenship Requirement (if any): None
Expiration: None

2. University of Maryland, Animal and Avian Sciences
Contact : Richard Kohn, Ph.D. College Park, MD 20742
Department: Animal and Avian Sciences
Research Group: Ruminant Nutrition, Nutrient Management
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: Stipend, health insurance and tuition are included. 
Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: B.S or M.S. required
Citizenship Requirement (if any): student visa, green card, or U.S. Citizen

3. American University, Biology
Address: 4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20016
Department: Biology
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: Graduate (Master's level) Teaching Assistantships available for incoming Ms students. Full-time (tuition remission and stipend) and part-time (tuition remission) awards are available. Duties include teaching introductory Biology laboratory sections. Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: completed BS or BA degree

4. University of Maryland, Mechanical Engineering
    Address: 3135 Glenn Martin Hall
University of Maryland - College Park
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Research Group: Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: Two RA Positions. Research in HVAC innovative systems, refrigerant alternatives, energy efficiency in buildings through systems integration of new technologies (microturbines, absorption chillers, desiccant units, etc.). Experimental and analytical work in modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technologies.
Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: BS (MS preferred)
Citizenship Requirement (if any): None
Expiration: April 2001

5. University of Maryland, Department of Meteorology
Address: 3433 Computer and Space Science Building
College Park, Maryland 20742-2425
Department: Department of Meteorology
Research Group: Climate, Chemistry, storms and oceanography
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: We offer RAs to our qualified students, which require about 20 hours research work per week. In most cases, this research work could be used to meet the requirements of a Master and Ph. D. degree.
Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: BS
Citizenship Requirement (if any): No
Expiration: April 1, 2001

6. University of Maryland, Department of Government & Politics
Address: 3140 Tydings Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Department: Department of Government and Politics
Research Group: 
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: Approximately 60 TA/RA positions a semester at approximately 12,000 a year (6,000 a semester) with health benefits and tuition remission. Approximately 6 fellowships a year at amount to be determined
Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: BA

7. University of Maryland, Department of Psychology
Address: Department of Psychology
College Park, MD 20742-4411
Department: Psychology
Research Group: Laboratory for Automation Psychology
Description of GA/TA/RA or Scholarship: Research assistants needed in projects on cognitive issues in decision-making and human/computer interaction. Visit http://www.lap.umd.edu  for information 
Requirements: BS/MS/PhD/Post-Doc level: BS
Expiration: 1/1/2002

Edulix aims to provide institutes of higher learning  with world-class, hard working, dedicated and positively minded students while we also provide services and opportunities for the same students. Since world-class education is competitive, such opportunities require that applicants have good  academic and overall qualifications. Therefore, we encourage Edulix community members to position themselves for such opportunities from a strong  background point of view. The success of such programs depends on how the community members present and conduct themselves to our partners in colleges and universities. 
We wish potential applicants success.
The Edulix Management Team


Edulix Editorial team is committed to bringing timely and accurate information to its members. However, since most of the information was submitted to Edulix or compiled from publicly available sources, the editorial team cannot assume full responsibility for its use, accuracy and interpretation.

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