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Edulix eNews

Edulix eNewsletter - October 2001

In this Issue:
  1. Edulix New Look and Functionalities
  2. Graduate Research Assistantship Alert
  3. Transfer Issues
  4. Effect of Terrorist Attack on the US
  5. Some Testimony from Current Edulix Members
  6. GRE Special Offers for FREE
  7. The Last Word

1. Edulix New Look and Functionalities

In keeping up with its commitment to continually expand and improve its services to its membership, Edulix has undergone a major face-lift and revision of functionality. The new look of Edulix better describers what we are and what we do and what our community members expect from us. The site's navigation has also been reviewed and improved. Community members now can access information from our fact sheets, advice columns, message boards and review lists with much ease and speed.

To see what the new functionalities are, please point your browser to:


2. Graduate Research Assistantship Alert

PhD Graduate Research Assistantship in Food Process Engineering

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign is seeking motivated, high caliber individuals interested in Studying food process engineering in our Ph.D. program. The research assistantship will pay a stipend of $15,000. A full tuition waiver will also be granted to successful applicants.

Starting Date: January 11, 2002.


Applicants must hold a BS or MS in Food Engineering, CE, Agricultural Engineering, ME or closely related area. Outstanding candidate with demonstrated research expertise in any of following areas is invited to apply:

  • Food processing
  • Food safety
  • Drying
  • Heat and mass transfer analysis

For more information contact (Send resume and cover letter to:)

Dr. Hao Feng
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
382-F AESB, 1304 W Pennsylvania Ave
Urbana, IL 61801, USA
Phone: 217-244-2571, Fax: 217-333-9329
Email: Dr. Hao Feng

3. Transfer Issues

It is not unusual that newly arrived graduate students opt to transfer to other programs in the US or Canada after a stay on campus for a semester or a year. Edulix has the following recommendations:

  1. When you plan to transfer, make sure that you do so for worthwhile reasons like availability of a better quality of programs, better funding opportunities, or better post-graduation employability and the like.
  2. Contact the new program of your interest and submit all the required documents to the admission offices. Also, talk to professors at this program through personal visits (when possible), or e-mail or telephone.
  3. If the new program offers you admission, then obtain a new I-20 from this school. After receiving the new I-20, inform your current school about your decision to transfer.
4. Effect of Terrorist Attack on the US

The recent terrorist attack on US landmarks has raised a lot of questions on the difficulty of securing admissions and visa for potential students aspiring to go to the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

While the full-effect of these tragic events on visa students is still too early to predict, it is however becoming clear that the US and Canada now have tightened visa regulations resulting with fewer number of new student visas being granted in the past few weeks. We expect a further tightening of visa issuance, particularly in countries geographically nearer to the areas of potential military conflicts. Applicants from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and India will possibly face the hardest obstacles in securing a student visa.

Applicants from Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa will perhaps notice the minimal amount of drops in the number of student visas granted.

We expect such trends to continue for a long time perhaps as much as 2-5 years. It is also expected that the once controversial proposal to monitor the movement of visa students during and after their studies may be revived even though its passage to a law will still be faced with resistance.

5. Some Testimony from Current Edulix Members

Here at Edulix, we feel proud that we have managed to establish a service that actually help students go to some of the finest graduate programs here in the US and elsewhere. Here is just a sample of what some of our community members had to say about the premium service they got from Edulix.

"...Exxxxxtremely happy to say that i have got VISA after attending Personal Interview at Chennai 27th of June.2000; Success has many parents; and I must say that behind my success u were one of the parents :-) I am greatly thankful to all the experts especially Bikila and Yalcin Sert and to all members of Edulix for sharing their valuable info with me. Simply fabulous work by your team. Keep up the good work and I wish the team many more successes in future ", Himakar Reddy.

"...My best wishes to u for the work u all people are doing. I check EDULIX site daily since I find very useful info out here from u all . Keep it up once again..", Sarfaraz Killedar.

"this is to thank the Edulix team for giving their advise and assistance throughout my application process. I just got full aid + TA 600 usd per month, from TUFTS. Thanks again", Anonymous.

"I have just got admit from USC and I decided to go there finally. I would like to say thank you for your comments during my application process.. Best of luck... ", Alex (Chi Ho Cheng)

"You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you. I have got admits from USF (Mech), TENNESSEE TECH (Mech), FLORIDA INTRNATIONAL (Mech) .", Alapatir Raghu

"...I can't find ways to express my appreciation for the efforts you and your team have taken to provide me with some sound advice. I was in quite a fix, with people closing in on me with their views that Boulder would be the conservative choice and hence, the most sensible. Thanks again for setting my mind at rest. Keep up the wonderful work! ", Enfyss.

"...Dear Bikila! Earlier, I sought your guidance and extremely grateful for your timely response which reduced some anxiety in my mind. I am a girl student from India and applied for chemical engineering graduate courses in UTOLEDO, USC, U Cincinnati, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Cornell, Univ of Connecticut, Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst. I got admission letter from USC.", Rsn Murty

"...Thanks a lot Bikila, is way ahead of its competitors in terms of service and management. What amazingly fast service! You guys deserve all the kudos you get", Kadam Chudgar

"...I am also one of you some months back; but Edulix people, especially Bikila helped me a lot. I am currently at Texas A&M, Commerce and hoping to transfer to U Texas at Dallas", Dinesh Bhutani, MS student, Fall 2001.

6. GRE Special Offers for FREE

Enroll in Kaplan's GRE Online Course before October 31st, and receive an online workshop of your choice...for FREE! (regular price: $29) Online courses are a great, affordable way to effectively prepare for these exams at your own pace. And Kaplan's Online Workshops are a great way to get extra practice in the areas (Math, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and more) you need to improve. Find out more.

Enroll online (use promotional code: 8099040 at checkout) or speak directly to a Kaplan Student Advisor at: 1-800-KAP-TEST (from US).

In the coming months you'll find important and useful tips about the life in the United States; renting a place, landlord-tenant issues, money saving tips (calling home, buying books, getting car and/or health insurance) etc. With this newsletter Edulix is proud to announce their partnership with TEL3 allowing Edulix members call home at discounted rates and get 50 minutes FREE signup bonus plus one week FREE every month (free minutes are valid for state-to-state calls).

The Edulix Management Team

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