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Edulix Scholarship Alert - July 11, 2000

The Edulix management team is pleased to announce that Edulix.com and the San Diego, California based USIU (United States International University) have reached an agreement whereby USIU will 

a)Waive the $40.00 application fee for three (3) applicants to USIU.

b)Provide a grant or scholarship in the amount of $1500 or more for undergraduate students who qualify for admission to USIU.

c)Offer a Graduate Scholarship in the amount of $500 to $1,000 a quarter to eligible full-time graduate students who are admitted into the Master's in Business Administration, Masters in International Relations or Masters in Psychology programs.

The application fee waiver and scholarships will be awarded to applicants who are admitted to the USIU who are current registered members of the Edulix community.

The waiver of application fee and scholarships will be awarded to applicants to the USIU programs who are current registered members of the Edulix community.  The awards ARE NOT APPLICABLE TO ANY OTHER UNIVERSITY.

The scholarship awards will be given to only academically qualified applicants, as determined by USIUís admission office. The awards are available to both undergraduate and graduate students seeking admission to USIU through Edulix.

USIU maintains campuses in San Diego, Irvine, Mexico City and Nairobi. USIU has a huge international student presence making up almost 45% of its student body. Available programs education, international business administration, management, information systems, liberal arts, etc. Additionally, both graduate courses in Education and Business may be taken on-line.  For more information, please visit their web site at: http://www.usiu.edu.  

Interested Applicants are strongly advised to follow the following instructions. Failure to do so will result in the failure of the application to be considered for both the application fee waiver and the scholarship awards.

Procedures to be Followed:

1.Submit a complete application for admission to USIU. All relevant information on the requirements are found at: http://wwww.usiu.edu.  Applicants may also use the online application forms of USIU to submit some of the forms. The address for online application is: http://www.usiu.edu/Admissio/howapply.htm.  However, exam results such as TOEFL, GRE, SAT etc and supporting documents (recommendation letters, essays etc) should be forwarded or mailed. 

2.As soon as you send your completed application form to USIU, please notify our scholarship and financial aid team at Edulix at scholarships@edulix.com.  This will help us verify if you are a registered member of Edulix. The application fee waiver will be offered to the first 3 applicants who submit a complete
application package to USIU and inform Edulix accordingly.

3.As per their routine admission process, USIU will inform recipients of the grants/scholarship.

Edulix aims to provide institutes of higher learning such as USIU with world-class, hard working, dedicated and positively minded students while we also provide services and opportunities for the same students. Since world-class education is competitive, such opportunities require that applicants have good academic and overall qualifications. Therefore, we encourage Edulix community members to position themselves for such opportunities from a strong background point of view. The success of such programs depends on how the community members present and conduct themselves to our partners in colleges and universities. 

We wish potential applicants success and express our thanks and gratitude to the United States International University (USIU), which has generously offered these opportunities.

We encourage Edulix members to visit the web site of USIU and investigate if they can pursue a dream of attending a world-class university at http://www.usiu.edu.  

The Edulix Management Team

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