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aditya57I can give a perspective on the Computer Science department. Research in the field of Visualization and Scientific Computing has overshadowed the graphics field. Funding for Graphics is tad less, which is rather channelized into the other two above mentioned areas.

Two institutes where funding is abundant for research oriented students are the Flux Research group and Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. Other areas are not top level but students still publish randomly in the top conferences.

Chances for TA and RA is very high as compared to schools in its range (NCSU, Ohio state, Stony Brook, Virginia Tech ... )

EAE is another very well known department within CS at Utah. If you are interested in game development, it is the place to be, if not USC. Tad costly but again, you can get funded at least from second year.
kom1991How its MSIS program?? What is the internship and placement rate in MSIS?
santintinGuys, how is the Chemical engineering department in Utah ?
walkingpoetcan anyone give some info on MS(control systems)
aditya.ashcan anyone post about mechanical??
taro_curlyExcellent place for Graphics. Used to have pretty good Systems research also. The site seems to be a bit old. Am not sure what the scene is like now. I was primarily interested in Parallel and Distributed Systems. Only 1 group working in that are at the time of writing this. (The Flux group). Definitely worth a look.
PolygonConsistently ranked in the top 5 for its Computer Graphics program. Cost of living is less and funding scene is pretty good for both CS and Electronics department.