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shri2302University Rating???Aid Scene???
2016-04-15Campus Jobs???Job Post Degree???
University Review
Computer ScienceDepartment Research???Internship???
Department Review
University Rating???Aid Scene???
2016-03-01Campus Jobs???Job Post Degree???
University Review
Computer ScienceDepartment Research???Internship???
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akashkengunteUniversity Rating4444Aid Scene4444
2016-02-29Campus Jobs4444Job Post Degree4444
University Review
Computer ScienceDepartment Research55555Internship55555
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arushi1University Rating55555Aid Scene55555
2016-02-28Campus Jobs55555Job Post Degree55555
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Electronics and CommunicationDepartment Research55555Internship55555
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Bat_RastardUniversity Rating4444Aid Scene4444
2012-05-11Campus Jobs4444Job Post Degree4444
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Computer ScienceDepartment Research4444Internship4444
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amey_dgreat1gre-1330, v-540,q-790
Undergraduation from vasantdada patil college of engineering
Computers - Avg is 61% over 3 years. Zero KTs.
Want to pursue management of infomation systems.
What are my chances?
Pleas help.
zamwaraniketPlanning to apply for FaLL2011
1120 GRE Score (Maths 780)AWM: 3.0
TOEFL: 100/120
GPA: 3.3
Interested in MS for Computer Science or Computer Networks..
Job experience of 10 months In Japan.
Chances to get admit ?
sudipta_chtI keep receiving queries from people (especially CS/ ECE) and there are common queries regarding UT Austin. I am not an expert here, but I'll try to put together answers to the most frequent questions. This I'll also copy-paste in my blog and in the testimonial for the Unisearch feature, so that even if this thread gets drowned, someone can locate it.

[b]0. Should I apply?[/b]
Yes, this is a ground rule question-answer that you must read before the rest of the stuff. It is generally difficult to say if you'll be admitted, and in all cases this is an Ambitious bet for anyone. However, just a 1480 on the GRE or 300 on the TOEFL will not do: you need to show something extra, something stellar that makes you stand out among the pool of applicants to reasonably expect a call from this place. The above numbers are just indicators, and not absolute values. See the AGRE question below for some more decision making help about your applciation.

[b]1. Funding[/b]
It is quite good, but if you are an MS applicant, chances are thin that you'll land anything right in the first semester. In my batch, about 8-10 out of the 25 people who joined the CS department from India this fall have managed to get some sort of funding as RA or TA or something, mostly in other departments. After about two semesters, almost everyone gets funded (although you need to keep hunting for it) and the CS department of course pays the highest to its RAs as compared to the others.

[b]2. Jobs[/b]
You name the company, and they are ready to hire you! Microsoft, Google, Accenture, Ernst and Young, Amazon, Verizon, Dell, AMD .... and the list goes on and on and on. Of course you need to maintain GPA, prepare for interviews and all, also maybe get a few publications... but you can usually do that. If you have been admitted to UT, you are smart and therefore you'll manage. Ohh... lest I forget to mention: they take care of the H1B part of it as well ;)

[b]3. Internships[/b]
Nobody remains without an internship during the summer if they have thrown their resume around. Yes places like google are in high demand because of the $$ and the quality of work: but you can pretty much land an internship even in Bloomberg and make enough money over 3 months to cover your tuition and expenses for the coming semestes.

[b]4. Expenses[/b]
Texas is not so expensive, and if you manage to hook up with people the rent for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom place (commonly called a 2-2) comes to about $900 per month that you share. Besides that, your expenses for food and other stuff can be about $100-200 per head per month depending on how much you are willing to accept the american food habits.

[b]5. Life outside studies[/b]
Austin isn't a place like Los Angeles or New York, but you can have a good time here easily. Those who've looked at the Halloween pictures will know what I am talking about. But I have a little confession to make: that is just one day of the year, doesn't happen daily :) Anyway, Austinites refer to the city as the Music Capital of the World, and you can pretty much catch live music anytime during the night hours downtown. The weather here is quite nice, especially people from Mumbai will find it quite close to home-like conditions.

[b]6. The AGRE[/b]
The Holy Grail of all questions: do I need to take the AGRE if I am applying to the CS department? It will definitely better your chances and I'll recommend that you do that. But if you have a stellar profile (read 2-3 international publications, kickass recos and ongoing ideas about future research) you don't need to take the AGRE. Otherwise, yes, you do!

Any more general questions you can ask: I'll include in the list if I know answers.