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Details of aditya57
Real Name Chulbul Pandey.
Edulix Nickname thunder_bird
Application Details
University (will be) Attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Program PhD
Major Computer Science
Specialization Systems / Scientific Computing
Term and Year Fall - 2017
Standardized Test Scores
GRE Quantitative: 166 Verbal: 163 AWA: 3.5
GMAT Quantitative: 50 Verbal: 39 AWA: 5 Integrated Reasoning:
TOEFL Score: 110 TWE (Essay): 28  
IELTS Score:
Undergraduate Details
University/College JNTUH
Department Information Technology
Grade 82.3
Topper's Grade 85.8
Grade Scale 100
Experience and Publications
Journal Publications 0
Conference Publications 1
Industrial Experience 2 Years, 11 Months
Research Experience 1 Years, 6 Months
Internship Experience 0 Years, 3 Months
Visa Information
Undergraduate Arrears 0
Home Country India
Destination Country USA
Applied Visa Type F1
Visa Decision
Visa Consulate City Hyderabad
Decision Accepted
Appointment Date 05/08/14
Applied University University of Utah
Type of Finance Docs Not Applicable
Financial Aid
Type of Financial Aid Tuition Waver
Amount 42500
Other Miscellaneous Details
Applying for PhD (Fall 17) in CS:
- MS in Computer Science from the University of Utah (graduated Summer 16)
- Research Interests in Numerical Analysis, High Performance Computing, and Systems.
- Awarded fully funded admit for MS (fall 2014, spring 2015)
- using the same GRE scores.
- Two semesters of TA experience.
- Two semesters + two summers of RA experience.
- one mid level author publication at a workshop proceeding.
- Final Masters level project to be published.
- Advisor pretty well known in the area of HPC.
- GPA 3.67/4.00
- Two strong recos from advisor and committee member(professors)
- Weak reco likely from advisor who I TA-ed for in Fall 14.
X No industry experience in the US.
Applied Details for MS in CS:
- GRE score % (Q-94,V-91,A.W.A-35)
- TOEFL score split (R-30,L-29,S-23,W-28)
1)will be having ~3 years of experience in an US fortune 500 company R&D team. (1/2 year in development and 2.5 in research)
2)Teaching databases and Java Programming to sophomore students in an engineering college after graduation ( 3 semesters taught by fall-14)
3) IBM DB2 V10 certified.
4) completed databases course in Coursera.
5) Mobile games development using J2ME during third year as mini project
6) SMT protocol using public key encryption for mobile adhoc networks and scored the highest possible marks during evaluation as main project.
7) NSS active member during college.
8) troubleshooting / maintenance team member in college lab
X no publications/ papers but worked under PhD pursuing professor in 4th year.
MS admits - Utah, NCSU, and Stony Brook
MS rejects - Virginia Tech, UW Madison, and UMass Amherst.
Universities Applied
North Carolina State UniversityAdmit
Submitted. Complete 12/13. Admit on 01/25.
Ohio State University ColumbusAdmit
Submitted. Under review 12/01. Admit on 01/24.
Texas A and M University College StationAdmit
Submitted 10/31.Complete 12/16.
University of ChicagoAdmit
Submitted 11/04. Complete 12/16.
University of Minnesota Twin CitiesAdmit
Submitted 11/15. Application Complete 12/13.
Georgia Institute of TechnologyReject
Submitted. To dept review 12/13
Purdue UniversityReject
Submitted. Under dept review 11/30
University of Maryland College ParkReject
Submitted. Application Complete 12/13
Post-MS/PhD Employment
Job 1 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 2 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 3 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 4 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 5 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date