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Details of sudhanshuvinayak
Real Name SudhanshuVinayak Puranik
Edulix Nickname sudhanshuvinayak
Application Details
University (will be) Attending Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Program MS
Major Electronics and Communication
Specialization Information and Communication Engineering
Term and Year Fall - 2016
Standardized Test Scores
GRE Quantitative: Verbal: AWA:
GMAT Quantitative: Verbal: AWA: Integrated Reasoning:
TOEFL Score: 99 TWE (Essay): 24  
IELTS Score:
Undergraduate Details
University/College Gujarat Technological University
Department Electronics and Communication
Grade 7.77
Topper's Grade 8.9
Grade Scale 10
Experience and Publications
Journal Publications 2
Conference Publications 0
Industrial Experience 0 Years, 7 Months
Research Experience 0 Years, 0 Months
Internship Experience 0 Years, 6 Months
Visa Information
Undergraduate Arrears 1
Home Country India
Destination Country Germany
Applied Visa Type F1
Visa Decision
Visa Consulate City Mumbai
Decision Accepted
Appointment Date 17/08/2016
Applied University Technische Universität Darmstadt
Type of Finance Docs Not Applicable
Financial Aid
Type of Financial Aid Not Applicable
Amount 0
Other Miscellaneous Details

•S. Puranik, A. Dhyani, A. Sawant, R. Shaiwale, “ LED Wavelength Measurement using Maximum Point Algorithm ”, International Research Journal for Engineering and Technology (IRJET), Volume 2 Issue 5, 2015
•S. Puranik, A. Dhyani, H. Ahmedabadkar, R. Shaiwale, “ GUI Based Industrial Annunciating System with MODBUS Interface”, International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM), Volume 4 Issue 9, 2015, pg. 7-10
•S. Puranik, M. Debnath, A. Sawant, “ MODBUS Protocol over Zigbee for Noise Immune Industrial Communication”, Manuscript Prepared and Submitted to International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER)


1) R&D Engineer Vedant Enterprises (June 2015 - June 2016)
Working on various projects ongoing at the organization. The projects involve developmental work on control systems, power electronics and analytical instrumentation.
Job Responsibilities are :-
•Preparing Circuit Diagrams •Atmel and ARM Microcontroller Programming
•Validation of PCB Layouts •Making PC based GUI Control Applications
Projects Worked on :-
•Fabric Pattern Programmer for E2PROM •Controller Design of Winding Machine
•Potentiometric Titrator •LED Wavelength Measuring Equipment
•Adustable Testube Incubator

2) Servilink Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Project Intern (Jan - May 2015)
Final year project on GUI Based Annunciating System and internship.

3) Summer Intern National Thermal Power Corporation (June -July 2014)
Summer internship at C&I (Control and Instrumentation) Department of NTPC, Jhanor-Gandhar 648 MW Gas based Thermal Power Plant. Par Excellence Grade was awarded during internship.


1) GUI Based Industrial Annunciating System with MODBUS Interface for Servilink Engineers as Final Year Project (Bachelor Thesis)
•Topic: Designing and Programming of GUI Based Annunciator to replace the currently manufactured old systems and also to provide customers with a Low Cost SCADA alternative.
•Used Raspberry Pi B+ and Arduino Mega and programmed it using Python and C respectively
•Features such as Analog Graphing, Easy Reconfrigablity of Parameters, Data Logging, RS-485 MODBUS Output where included in system.

2) Distribution Transformer Overload and Tripping Circuit as Academic Project
•Assisted a fellow Electrical Engineering student with Micro-controller programming and circuit designing of his project. The project is about designing a digital switch for protecting transformers from current overload damages.
•Used ATMega32 Microcontroller, Hall Effect Sensor and Op-Amps.

3) Bench Equipment for Diamond Technicians as 3rd Year Academic Project
•Topic: Designing and Programming of device to assist Diamond Technicians in Cutting and Polishing Diamonds
•Used 8051 Microcontroller and programmed it using C language; also Designed its PCB
•Features like 16x2 LCD Display, 1.8 deg. Step Angle and C/CW rotation facility.

4) Autonomous Robots
•Maze solving robot, Wall follower robot, Line-follower robot.
•Won prizes in many national level competitions held in the state.


Technical Head IETE Students Forum (ISF-BIT) (2014 - 2015)
•Headed the committee of fellow students and worked with them on various seminars, workshops and events related to the field of Electronics. The initiatives mainly focused on bridging the gap between academics and industry.
•Conducted various Workshops and Seminars related to electronics

Events Coordinator GTU Techfest-2014 Committee (Nov 2013-March 2014)
•Planning, Executing and Managing of Events which came under Electronics banner. Events such as Bomb-Diffusing, Robo-Wars, Autonomous Robotics, Wireless Car Racing and Electronics Quiz where kept.

Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
•Rice University (Coursera Verified) • License : UA4VTUU2CF, T9ATY9XL27

R Programming
•John-Hopkins (Coursera Verified) • License : R4GY985S8P

Languages: German A1 Level (67/100)
English TOEFL (99/120)
Universities Applied
Technische Universitat DresdenResult not available
Fachhochschule Frankfurt am MainAdmit
IT (Informaion Technology)
Technische Universitat BerlinAdmit
Exit University for EIT ICT Master School ( No TFW ;No Scholarship)
Technische Universitat Chemnitz-ZwickauAdmit
Embedded Systems
Technische Universitat DarmstadtAdmit
iCE (Information and Communication Engineering)
Fachhochschule DortmundReject
ES in Mechatronics Reason:Low GPA
Fachhochschule Offenburg - Hochschule fur Technik und WirtschaftReject
CME Reason:Low GPA
Fachhochschule Ravensburg-WeingartenReject
Electrical Engineering Reason:No GRE and Low GPA
Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-NurnbergReject
CME Reason:Low GPA (No Interview Call)
Hochschule DarmstadtReject
IMSEIT Reason: Rolling Admits Applied Very Late
Technische Universitat Hamburg-HarburgReject
Not Required Expertise in Required Field.
Technische Universitat IlmenauReject
Interview Call (Didn\\\'t Appear)
Universitat BremenReject
CMM (Control, Microsystems and Microelectronics) Applied on 1.10.2015 Grade 2.0 Required, Mine 2.1.
Universitat DortmundReject
A&R Reason:No GRE and Low GPA
Universitat StuttgartReject
INFOTECH Reason: Low GPA (Requires bove 9/10)
Post-MS/PhD Employment
Job 1 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 2 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 3 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 4 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 5 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date