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Details of dhruvkwal
Real Name Dhruv
Edulix Nickname
Application Details
Program MS
Major MIS
Term and Year Fall - 2017
Standardized Test Scores
GRE Quantitative: 170 Verbal: 150 AWA: 4
GMAT Quantitative: Verbal: AWA: Integrated Reasoning:
TOEFL Score: 104 TWE (Essay): 27  
IELTS Score:
Undergraduate Details
University/College Thapar University
Department Electronics & Communications
Grade 6.56
Topper's Grade 9
Grade Scale 10
Experience and Publications
Journal Publications 0
Conference Publications 0
Industrial Experience 2 Years, 0 Months
Research Experience 0 Years, 0 Months
Internship Experience 0 Years, 5 Months
Visa Information
Undergraduate Arrears 0
Home Country
Destination Country
Applied Visa Type Still To Apply
Visa Decision
Visa Consulate City
Decision Not Applied
Appointment Date
Applied University
Type of Finance Docs Not Applicable
Financial Aid
Type of Financial Aid Not Applicable
Amount 0
Other Miscellaneous Details
> Currently working as an Analyst - Handling multiple modules for the financial planning division of a Silicon-valley based SaaS firm.
Will complete 2 years by Aug 2017
Tech - (Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Tools/Tech- Tableau, SPSS, Oracle Essbase etc)

> 5-month Internship at Uber as an Operations Consultant

> 2-month Summer Intern at Defence Electronics Application Laboratory (DEAL), under Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

> 2 International Cultural Exchanges to Ukraine & Egypt.

> Good Extra Curriculars
Universities Applied
Carnegie Mellon UniversityResult not available
Applied- 9th Jan 2017
New York UniversityResult not available
Syracuse UniversityResult not available
Texas A and M University College StationResult not available
University of ArizonaResult not available
Applied- 10th Jan 2017
University of CincinnatiResult not available
Applied- 12th Jan 2017
University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignResult not available
University of Maryland College ParkResult not available
University of Michigan Ann ArborResult not available
University of Texas AustinResult not available
Applied- 11th Jan 2017
University of WashingtonResult not available
Applied- 15th Jan 2017
Post-MS/PhD Employment
Job 1 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 2 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 3 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 4 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 5 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date