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Details of rachneet
Real Name Rachneet Singh Sachdeva
Edulix Nickname
Application Details
Program MS
Major Electronics and Communication
Specialization Embedded Systems
Term and Year Fall - 2017
Standardized Test Scores
GRE Quantitative: 163 Verbal: 150 AWA: 3.5
GMAT Quantitative: Verbal: AWA: Integrated Reasoning:
TOEFL Score: 104 TWE (Essay): 26  
IELTS Score:
Undergraduate Details
University/College Pussgrc
Department ECE
Grade 8.35
Topper's Grade 9.23
Grade Scale 10
Experience and Publications
Journal Publications 0
Conference Publications 0
Industrial Experience 1 Years, 6 Months
Research Experience 0 Years, 0 Months
Internship Experience 0 Years, 6 Months
Visa Information
Undergraduate Arrears 0
Home Country
Destination Country Germany
Applied Visa Type Still To Apply
Visa Decision
Visa Consulate City
Decision Not Applied
Appointment Date
Applied University
Type of Finance Docs Not Applicable
Financial Aid
Type of Financial Aid Not Applicable
Amount 0
Universities Applied
Technische Universitat DarmstadtResult not available
Technische Universitat Hamburg-HarburgResult not available
Universitat des SaarlandesResult not available
Universitat DortmundResult not available
Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule AachenAdmit
Admit for MSCE on 24th April. Happy with this one. Will be my Destination. :)
Technische Universitat BerlinAdmit
EIT programme. Embedded Systems. Entry Uni - TUB, Exit Uni- TU Eindhoven. No Scholarship.
Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-SiegReject
Needed more Computer Science credits. Results - 20th March, 2017.
Hochschule DarmstadtReject
Many applications and they selected people with CGPA > 8.5 in the specilization \\\\\\\"Embedded and microelectronics\\\\\\\". Result - 18th April, 2017
Technische Universitat MunchenReject
Applied for MSCE. Got 72 in the first round. Required >=75 to qualify for the second round i.e. the interview.
Universitat KaiserslauternReject
EMECS programme - Embedded Computing Systems. They received more than 1100 applications and my application was maybe not upto the mark. This is a highly competitive year. Result - 19th April, 2017.
Universitat StuttgartReject
Generic Mail. Lot of applicants. Requires CGPA to be on the higher side. Atleast 8.5/10. Result -9th March, 2017.
Post-MS/PhD Employment
Job 1 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 2 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 3 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 4 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 5 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date