SOP - Statement of Purpose

SOP is a document a student is expected to submit to the University.

It describes why the student is expecting the university to grant him an admission.

A typical SOP contains multiple sections. Neither all below are mandatory sections nor this is a complete list that universities expect.

An SOP generally starts with a quote or strong statement about an area of interest

A paragraph is dedicated to detail the student's academic brilliance objectively with numbers in support.

A paragraph is dedicated to detail the student's professional pursuit that connects well with his/her area of interest.

A paragraph is dedicated to speak about a professor's research interests that matches the students interests.

A paragraph is dedicated to provide a logical conclusion about how the student will be a great fit for the university's culture and request the university to consider the student's profile for admission.

Please do not request funding or financial information in SOP. It doesn't look professional.

Ideally not more than one page.

Because, a university receives thousands of applications every year.

It is practically not possible to read pages of letters and comprehend them.

A typical 2-5 min is the max attention you may receive from the reader.

Hence keep an SOP crisp and upto the point.

It is almost mandatory to supplement your statement with accurate statistics to make a good impression.

Just open a doc and put all your thoughts.

It takes multiple versions in general before coming to the final draft.

Write as much as possible and start eliminating all redundant information.

It is the most tested and reliable approach, if you are writing it for the first time.


It is good to read multiple SOPs for your reference.

Never ever copy even a single word.

Own your SOP. It lets you introspect why you want to pursue higher studies.

It is the best way to evaluate your knowledge and clarity on what you are pursuing.


Seek support only to review it or correct it for grammatical mistakes.

No one knows what you want. Hence you are the only right person to write your SOP.

Remember, it is your first chance to convey your interest to a highly educated stranger who can support your admission.

First impression is the best and hence give your best shot. Be strong and confident.